Spring is here in the Methow and the river is up for an exciting boating season. Plan on coming in June for a whitewater trip. If you want something milder, July and August are great for family trips.

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"The River is Back"

If you have been longing for the good old days when the rivers ran high and the waves were huge, don't miss out on a rafting trip this year. An unusually deep snow pack in the North Cascades is going to make this year the most exciting white water season we have had in years.

Let us show you the Methow River at its best - exciting rapids, endless roller coaster waves and plenty of wet, wild fun. For the best white water thrills, plan on coming from mid-May through early July. Family trips will be great all summer long - wilder in June and milder in July and August. If you want to try out our inflatable kayaks, we will be bringing them along on our family trips from mid-July through August.

As always we will be offering white water trips for the whole family on the beautiful Skagit River in the North Cascades National Park from July through October.

See you on the river!



RIVER LEVELS: 800cfs - 2000cfs good for mellow whitewater on

Gold Creek run.

RIVER LEVELS: 2000cfs - 3000cfs wilder ride on Gold Creek run.

Fairly mellow Black Canyon run.

RIVER LEVELS: 3000 - 8000cfs Great for wild ride on Gold Creek or

Black Canyon!

RIVER LEVELS: 8000 - 12000cfs BIG water ride on Black Canyon.

A real rush!



Class 1: Moving water, small waves, some maneuvering.

Class 2: Easy rapids, clear channels waves less then 3 ft.

Class 3: High irregular waves, narrow passages, complex moves.

Class 4: Long difficult rapids, req. precise maneuvering in turbulent waters.

Class 5: Extremely difficult, long violent rapids. Highly congested routes.

Class 6: Nearly Impossible + very dangerous



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